All You Need To Know About Metal Processing

There are many types of metals in existence. There are also metal alloys used for a variety of things. The most widely used metal is iron. The metal is also combined with carbon to make an alloy known as steel. This metal has more advantages over iron because it is rust resistant and is much more stronger than iron. Aluminium is also a widely used metal in many industries. Other types of commonly used metals are; copper, zinc, lead and brass, but there is also platinum, gold, silver and bronze, which also have many uses. Manufacturers of metals usually have many types of Solids Handling Equipment that make their operations easier and safer.

Metal Processing

The process of manufacturing metal products or converting them to another form is commonly referred to as metal processing. There are many firms that have specialised in metal processing around the world. Since they are not all equal, the quality of metal products they produce differ greatly. The prices of their products are also not the same. One of the most common types of metal processing processes is recycling. Scrap metals from different sources are collected, sorted, shredded, cleaned, dried and smelted to make metal ingots or bars, which are used as raw materials in the manufacture of different types of metal products. 

Aluminium Recycling

Aluminium recycling is one of most common metal processing processes. It entails converting used aluminium cans into new cans that are used for packaging soft drinks, beers, aerosol products and many other types of products. They can even be used to make tin cans for food canning, but there are other metal alloys that can be used for the same application. 

Making of Steel

From the iron age to the industrial revolution, iron ruled the world. However, the invention of steel made iron products obsolete. Nowadays, it is rare to find any metallic product that is made purely from iron. Most products nowadays are made of steel. Which is an alloy of iron and carbon. Steel is used to make the frames of heavy commercial vehicles, fasteners, such as bolts and nuts, bridges, skyscrapers and many other types of structures. 

Copper is another type of metal that is widely used around the world. It is made from ores as well as from scrap metal. Copper is a great conductor of electricity, so it's commonly used to make conductors or electric wires. There are many companies that have specialised in manufacturing electrical wires from copper around the world.